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“It makes such a difference dealing with positive, friendly people who actually understand their products.” - ER (Optometrist, London)
“Thank you OM, we really cannot wait to share your genuine passion for lenses with our customers” - Janan (Practice Owner, Birmingham)
“Our patient just picked up their OM invisible bifs and VERY happy! Great, fast service. We’d definitely like to look at your range of varis too.” - NL (Glazing Technician, Scotland)
“Great talking to Rob today. Optik Mizen have such an innovative approach.” - Judith (Practice Owner, Nottingham)
“I gave Optik Mizen a try because of their clear AR and I wasn’t disappointed. Great lenses and great guys.” - Stuart (Lab Manager, Devon)
“I must admit I was sceptical at first. There are so many suppliers claiming to put independents first. But take it from me – these guys are different.” - FC (Optician, Newcastle)
“Optik Mizen produced an 8.75cyl for me that looked absolutely fantastic. The patient was delighted.” - Ruth (Dispensing Optician, Merseyside)
“I always dispense any new lens to my dad; he’s my litmus test because he’s difficult to please. With EQUINOX HD he immediately phoned me to say BRILLIANT.” - Emma (Glazing Technician, London)
“The difference with OPTIK MIZEN is that you get that personal touch. If I need anything special or in a rush they’ll bend over backward to make it happen for me. It’s a great team.” - RF (Practice Owner, Bournemouth)
“I’ve been hugely impressed with PERFORMANCE HD. I wear it myself and it’s every bit as good as lenses double the price.” - Alex (Practice Owner, London)
“I’m chuffed to bits with Optik Mizen. Great lenses and so easy to deal with.” - MA (Practice Owner, Surrey)


  • In optics, as in life, following your own destiny is good for your soul. #independent #thinking 2 days ago
  • How can a lens producer legitimately claim to support independent optics when giving their best deals to multiples? Answers on a postcard... 2 days ago
  • Happy #Diwali to all Hindu members of the #Optik #Mizen #Family! 🙂🙂🙂 https://t.co/Zr7wQ0hm43 2 days ago
  • 80s radio in the OM office today... So far we've had Culture Club, Madonna, Bronski Beat, Tears for Fears, MJ, Adam & the Ants and The Jam!! 3 days ago


Cosmetic Bi-Focals
Irrespective of how sophisticated digital mapping technology has become, the fact remains that some patients simply cannot adapt to progressive lenses. Some opt to have two or more...
100% a success!?!
So…doubtless like many of you within the industry, the crew here at OM Towers were very keen to see what the third chapter in the 100% Optical story would deliver. Would it  prove...
Lens Technologies with SUBSTANCE!
Believe it or not, that magical word “FREEFORM” has been in our optical lives now for…18 years!!! [I know – where does time go!?]   A few years after the emergence...
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