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Welcome to OPTIK MIZEN

We aim to offer the independent practice a fresh alternative for elite Rx and varifocal lenses.

OPTIK MIZEN has a portfolio of proprietary designs and technologies that sit comfortably alongside the most advanced products of the global corporations [Carl Zeiss, Essilor, Nikon etc].

We produce to elite specification in Europe and deliver into your practice within 6 working days. If required, we are happy to either remote edge or provide a full glazing service.


Most of the large corporate lens companies produce across a number of facilities in the UK and Europe. We have partnered with two of the most technically advanced laboratories in Central Europe to ensure our lenses are produced with exceptional care and precision. Indeed, the majority of lenses produced in our facilities are destined for the high end of the very exacting German market.


A Relationship to Last

OPTIK MIZEN is dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to the independent optical practice. We aim to offer a much higher level of genuine friendship and support to our customers than can be found among other elite lens producers in the UK.

As an entity we are not driven by the usual commercial objectives of maximising growth and profit. OPTIK MIZEN has been specifically designed to stay small in order to remain uniquely placed to provide our customers with a more personal, individually tailored service with greater attention to detail.



QC in our labR&D and Advanced Technologies

OPTIK MIZEN lenses benefit from several specialist technologies including LATERAL DISSEMINATION TECHNOLOGY [TM], PIN-SHARP ENHANCEMENT [TM], MATRIX ASSIMILATION [TM] and OPUS CURVE [TM] optimised dual surfacing.

We are constantly striving to develop pioneering new ideas and innovations. For example, we introduced AUTOBAHN HD - our dedicated driving varifocal lens - a full two years before comparable products were brought to market by Hoya and Essilor. And currently we are working to develop our own photochromic technology that will interact with our extremely popular PIN-SHARP enhancement filter.

Whilst many independent practices are mistaken in the belief that only a global brand can produce elite lenses, OPTIK MIZEN customers are happily dispensing the world's best lenses with direct access to the people who own the company and drive the technologies forward. 



Justyn lends a hand to the girls in stockroomStock Single-Vision Lenses

We hold approx 80,000 single-vision stock lenses at our premises in the Wirral. These are housed in a bespoke racking solution specifically designed for us by the fantastic team at Rotadex Systems to maximise capacity and ease of access. Our single-vision lenses boast the finest monomers/coatings to ensure exceptional optics for your patient. As with our Rx product range, quality is of paramount importance and we aim to offer excellent value for money on a like-for-like (i.e. premium quality) comparative basis.

Our stock range covers all indices from 1.5 up to 1.74 and includes PIN-SHARP, Blu-Neutro, Polycarbonate, Trivex, Transitions and hi-index pre-tinted rear hydrophoben AR.


 One side of the OM Stockroom




We believe that one of the most important things in life is enjoying what you do and finding it rewarding. We benefit from a lovely working environment here in the beautiful Wirral countryside and, as colleagues, we support each other and truly have a fantastic bond.

OM TowersEvery member of the OM Team considers their job a vocation and is extremely proud of our company's independent status and dedication to the independent sector. We love nothing more than linking up with practices who really understand our ethos and appreciate the value in working together.


The OM Snooker Challenge A! The OM Snooker Challenge B!




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