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OPTIK MIZEN is a small, specialist ophthalmic lens producer with its own proprietary designs and technologies. We work with the best independent minds around the world to create unique products that rival and even surpass the top designs of the established global brands of Carl Zeiss, Essilor/Nikon, and Hoya. Our Rx and varifocal lenses are produced to elite specification in our state-of-the-art partner laboratory in the heart of Europe and delivered into practice in 6 working days.

Optik Mizen Jamie, Justyn RobWhilst quality is our number one priority we also place great emphasis on achieving a superior level of service and support based on traditional values of integrity and dedication. We truly love what we do and take pride in forming genuine friendships with our customers.

OPTIK MIZEN lenses benefit from several specialist technologies including LATERAL DISSEMINATION TECHNOLOGY [TM], PIN-SHARP ENHANCEMENT [TM], MATRIX ASSIMILATION [TM] and OPUS CURVE [TM] optimised dual surfacing.

Whilst many independent practices are mistaken in the belief that only a global brand can produce elite lenses, OPTIK MIZEN customers are happily dispensing the world's best lenses with a key price advantage, no minimum spend, no equipment tie-ins and no conflict of interest as we do not supply multiples, supermarkets or on-line retailers.

Jamie Holoran

Our CEO has 20 years experience in the industry and is highly regarded for his conscientious and ethical approach to business, as well as his supportive leadership style. He was supplying freeform varifocal lenses to UK independent practices a full three years before Essilor introduced freeform technology, and was very closely involved in the process of refining and perfecting the unique design mappings of our elite SPACE & TIME multi-focals.

Denny Holoran

All our customers LOVE dealing with Denny. As our Customer Service Manager she embodies the bright, friendly spirit of OM and is always on hand to give support and advice and generally make sure that our customers receive the best care in the industry. If you've ever felt like you're not being taken seriously enough when on the phone to a lens supplier, you'll understand why a fantastic attitude like Denny's makes such a difference.  

Rob Harnett

Director/Partner Rob Harnett is particularly passionate about the independent sector. Energetic, conscientious, and with a keen focus on detail, he loves hearing your views and is always on hand to provide technical support and advice. As our customers will attest, you won't meet a nicer, more genuine guy than Rob in the industry. [Follow Rob on Twitter @TheLensGuy]

Justyn Walcott

Director/Partner Justyn Walcott makes it his personal mission to ensure everyone is delighted with the lenses and service they receive from OPTIK MIZEN.  In a day and age where sincerity in business can be a rare commodity, it's hardly surprising that he is so highly regarded by everyone he deals with.

Elle Holleley

Elle joined OPTIK MIZEN from a retail background in June 2017 and has taken to optics like a duck to water! Bright, bubbly and full of energy she has proved a fab addition to the OM Team and loves the variety of dealing with the many aspects of our lens distribution process.

Stephan Heilig

Stephan is in overall charge of lens production in the lab. He has almost a decade's experience in top-tier lens manufacturing and sets his standards extremely high. He insists on incredible cleanliness and has the lab staff spend almost as much time cleaning our equipment as making lenses! He has developed a very specific process for applying the various stages in the EXCELCIS AR coating process which results in greater adhesion between the layers. Though very serious about his vocation, Stephan also has a keen sense of humour that makes for a very positive and friendly working dynamic in the lab.

MarieMarie Leitner

Marie is Supervisor for Quality Control in our lab, with an eagle eye that ensures not even the tiniest blemish is allowed to escape the production line.


What we all have in common at OPTIK MIZEN can be summed up in one word: passion.

We LIVE AND BREATHE both lenses and relationships.

We love what we do. We believe in what we do.

Let's work together.


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