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ALEKSY KOMAROV EYEWEAR is distributed exclusively to independent optical practices in the UK by OPTIK MIZEN [through our sister company KILL THE BRAND EYEWEAR]. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand using traditional techniques in Aleksy's farmhouse workshop.

Working with only top grade Italian Mazzucchelli acetates and the finest components (including sturdy Visottica German spring hinges) the quality of every piece of ALEKSY KOMAROV handmade eyewear is obvious just from feel.

Aleksy has been designing and producing his handmade designs for other brands (and even individual practices) in his native Poland for several years. However this is the first time that his designs are being produced under his own name and on a strictly limited basis of 50 pieces per model/colour only for the UK market.

Most designs are produced in either 3 or 4 colours but, unwilling to waste any raw materials, Aleksy will also sometimes produce 'one off' [single SKU] pieces which adds a nice twist to his collection.

Given the limited nature of production, the wearer of an ALEKSY KOMAROV frame has something truly special to set him/her apart from the crowd.  





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