Our Team

Jamie Holoran [Founder & CEO]

Our CEO has 25 years experience in the industry and is highly regarded for his conscientious and ethical approach to business, as well as his supportive leadership style.

Previously the part-owner and Managing Director of an international lens producer, he was one of the first people in the UK to embrace the benefits of freeform digital surfacing and he made the technology available to independent practices a full three years before Essilor.

Jamie works tirelessly to ensure OPTIK MIZEN has access to - and can incorporate into its production - the very latest advances and most innovative technologies in use in optics today.


Rob Harnett [Founding Partner]

Director/Partner Rob Harnett is extremely passionate about the independent sector and is dedicated to helping independent practices thrive. He loves spending time with our customers and meeting new people interested in discovering more about the OM brand.

Rob organises our patient trials here in the UK ahead of releasing new technologies to the market. He is also rather fab at delivering clear and concise training to your dispensing team. And as our customers will attest, you won't meet a nicer, more genuine guy than Rob in the industry. [Follow Rob on Twitter @TheLensGuy


Denny Holoran [Customer Service Manager]

As our Customer Service Manager, Denny embodies the bright, friendly spirit of OM and is always on hand to give support and advice and generally make sure that our customers receive the best care in the industry.

If you've ever felt like you're not being taken seriously enough when on the phone to a lens supplier, you'll understand why a fantastic attitude like Denny's makes such a difference. 


Elle Holleley [Operations Supervisor]

Elle joined OPTIK MIZEN from a retail background in June 2017 and has taken to optics like a duck to water! Bright, bubbly and full of energy she has proved a fab addition to the OM Team and loves the variety of dealing with the many aspects of our lens distribution process.

Elle maintains our single-vision stocks and deals with any orders for Aleksy Komarov handmade eyewear (which we distribute exclusively for the UK and Ireland). She also likes to have "80s Hits" on in the background while she works!


Helen Bancroft-Morris [Customer Service]

Helen works alongside Denny in our Customer Service Team. In addition to her admin duties, she helps to promote OM within the industry, reaching out to independent practices to find the people with whom we share a natural synergy. Helen is very much a people person, lovely to deal with and dedicated to providing a great service.


Pramila Limbu [Customer Service]

Pramila has been a wonderful addition to the OM Team. She works part-time in the office and her primary role is organising the logistics for the trips that Rob and Justyn make to visit our existing customers and meet new people. 


Justyn Walcott [Relations Director]

Justyn joined the Board of OM in November 2017. Like Rob, Justyn spends most of his time visiting practices to explain our products and technologies and to provide as much support as possible. A great communicator, Justyn has a warm, friendly manner that people naturally engage with and so his training sessions are always well received.


Sav Nicotra [Financial Director]

Sav is a chartered accountant specialising in innovative and dynamic SMEs and has played a key advising role in the development of OPTIK MIZEN since its inception.

It's in part thanks to Sav that OM is able to operate so efficiently, bringing its elite digital lenses to the UK independent market at a fantastic price point.


Abbé Holoran [Operations]

Making OM a truly family company, Abbé joined the business in 2018 and is responsible for processing our single-vision orders.


Stephan Heilig [Lab Manager]

Stephan is in overall charge of lens production in the lab. He has twelve years' experience in top-tier lens manufacturing and sets his standards extremely high. He insists on incredible cleanliness and has the lab staff spend almost as much time cleaning our equipment as making lenses! He has developed a very specific process for applying the various stages in the EXCELCIS AR coating process to achieve greater resilience to abrasion.


Marie Leitner [QC Supervisor]

Marie is Supervisor for Quality Control in our lab, with an eagle eye that ensures not even the tiniest blemish is allowed to escape the production line. 



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