Office Inception

Lens Information

MY OFFICE provides optimum comfort and performance in the workplace (whether an office, workshop, factory or retail environment). It is ordered as a normal progressive lens but with three options depending on your patient's working zone: 1.4m, 2.0m and 4.0m. [Fitting is 2mm above]

In addition to these three set options, we can produce INCEPTION CUSTOM occupational lenses by digression to suit the exact working environment of your patient [call us for details].

RECOMMENDATION: Consider dispensing MY OFFICE lenses with PIN-SHARP ENHANCEMENT FILTER to mitigate eye fatigue and enhance clarity.

MY OFFICE 4.2MY OFFICE 2.0mMY OFFICE 2.0m (RIGHT) maximises breadth and comfort of vision for a radius of 2 metres with a slight emphasis on PC screen.


MY OFFICE 4.2m (LEFT) maximises vision within a larger indoor context. It is ideal for general office use from deskwork up to larger meetings and presentations.




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