Lens Information

AUTOBAHNIn keeping with OM's focus on pioneering new technologies, AUTOBAHN HD was launched a full two years before the introduction of both Essilor's and Hoya's dedicated driving varifocal lenses.

There are two equally important elements to the creation of AUTOBAHN HD.

  • Firstly it has been carefully designed to make the driving experience as comfortable as possible, offering superb breadth of sharp, comfortable vision on the road ahead and super-easy switching between the road, mirrors and dashboard.
  • Equally as important is the enhanced 14-strata EXCELCIS ANTI-REFLECTIVE coating incorporating a soothing GLARE FILTER that we have developed specifically for the AUTOBAHN HD. TORO O2 achieves unprecedented reduction of reflections to an incredibly low 0.2% per surface whilst also intelligently diffusing the specific concentration of UV frequencies that lead to bright glare and "starburst effect".

We challenge any other dedicated driving varifocal on the market to match AUTOBAHN HD for comfort, performance and - ultimately - safety on the road.

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